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  • Each of the unfortunate changes in the American system which happened in 1913 would have resulted in some problems probably more manageable each on their own.
  • A few men and a few privately held companies have significant power over our economy.
  • A government giveaway that actually solves a problem!
  • No longer do we seem to be a country of united states, but rather a country of individuals living in different states with less sovereignty each time a new bill is passed.
  • Republicans, and more particularly conservatives, must rely on more than a hatred of Hillary Clinton to advance their cause.
  • The need for a Constitutional amendment shows that the Founding Fathers never intended an income tax.
  • Almost a full century ago, a few cancer cells were introduced into our body politic.
  • It almost doesn't matter what the topic is, the argument may already be lost. We've already established there is little national virtue left. We're now just talking about the price.
  • If we're losing jobs and the Chinese are losing jobs, where are they going?
  • In many ways, Martin Luther King was a good man - certainly a highly intelligent man. Well read, well spoken, influential well beyond his life. But equal to all the Presidents of the nation?
61 - 70 of 73 resultsPage: 15 6 7 8
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