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  • Obesity has now reached the point where serious engineering consequences are required.
  • Are boaters deliberately trying to kill manatees?
  • It's a far better thing, as well as much easier, for government to act to prevent a disaster, or at least to warn residents loudly and clearly of the potential consequences of their foolish choices.
  • Detroit has given away a great many test drives which they could have had for free.
  • It would be a very good idea to have a standard system for maintaining health care records, but having the government spend money on this is a bad idea.
  • These bridges have needed fixing for 25 years and they're still operating?
  • The amount of space TIME used trying to mislead us shows how important the court really is.
  • It does seem slightly odd that the famous Nobel Peace Prize should go to someone who is famous, more or less, for talking loudly.
  • Larry Craig should resign! But he should not be alone.
  • What does Mr. Gates plan to do with all the extra people that won't die from malaria now that his foundation has found a cure?
901 - 910 of 930 resultsPage: 189 90 91 92 93
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