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  • How come all the environmentalists keep proposing things people don't want to do? Real solutions nedn't require deprivation.
  • The Archbishop of Canterbury, the head of the Church of England, stirred up a storm when he spoke of the Nativity as a "myth." The Pope didn't have that problem. Perhaps the Pope has a stronger brand identity than does the Church of England?
  • Poor people often skimp on food so that they will have enough money for things they consider valuable.
  • The Omaha mall incident adds 9 more victims onto this year's tally of innocents who died because of gun control.
  • Since we peasants couldn't see that Roosevelt's marvelous ideas were for our own good, he believed it was OK for him to lie to help pass his programs. Does that remind you of any modern politicians?
  • Armed citizens make it a bit harder to do evil.
  • The secret of safety was and is crime prevention, not crime investigation.
  • A nation has to be unified enough that people want to share a government.
  • Never ascribe to hostility what can be explained by stupidity.
  • Making a small class of citizens into a protected species leads to less employment for that group.
711 - 720 of 745 resultsPage: 170 71 72 73 74 75
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