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  • Leaders know that there's nothing as disruptive as information.
  • Are boaters deliberately trying to kill manatees?
  • Detroit has given away a great many test drives which they could have had for free.
  • It would be a very good idea to have a standard system for maintaining health care records, but having the government spend money on this is a bad idea.
  • These bridges have needed fixing for 25 years and they're still operating?
  • The amount of space TIME used trying to mislead us shows how important the court really is.
  • What does Mr. Gates plan to do with all the extra people that won't die from malaria now that his foundation has found a cure?
  • A chain of progression - one leads to the next, then the next...
  • There's no simple cure for loneliness, but there is a simple answer to the #2 question, "Why are men such couch potatoes?" What does a man want more of that he could have more of if he were in better shape?
  • Will there be unity in Iraq? Saddam proved that fear can unite Iraqis enough to get them to stop killing each other, but it's not clear that anything less will do the job.
671 - 680 of 694 resultsPage: 166 67 68 69 70
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