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  • American citizenship seems to be dead. Live long as a serf... if you can stomach it.
  • Good fences make good neighbors - and that's better than the hatred and fighting we're seeing.
  • Who can answer the most important question of all: now what?
  • Is there any limit to the falsehoods and bad faith we'll tolerate?
  • Don't be too disappointed that the Supreme Court refused to hear the Trump voter fraud case.
  • Don't count on the Supreme Court to overturn the (s)election of Joe Biden.
  • There are worse things than a blatantly stolen election by enemies who seek your destruction.
  • It's time for the states to remember who they are, and tell the Feds to take a hike.
  • Conservative institutions have not been effective for years, and are now doomed if they don't change.
  • Time for conservatives to start gearing up for an active legal defense.
1 - 10 of 1,081 resultsPage: 1 2 3109
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