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  • Barack seems like a nice guy, and we wish him the very best.
  • The Archbishop of Canterbury believes not only that his religion is dying, but his country's legal and political structure are doomed as well.
  • The only thing that gets a Congresscritter's attention is losing an election.
  • When Commodore Matthew Perry opened Japan to the west, he took American and British missionaries along. In addition to translating, they also helped with education.
  • This video just gave us the best news we've heard out of the Middle East in a long, long time -- Iraqis are beginning to laugh at their leaders.
  • Who needs a "first black president" who is actually white when you can have a "first black president" who really is black?
  • The left-wing blogsphere claim that Hillary's people stole the election from Obama. The evidence, if true, is staggering.
  • Here, we propose some resolutions for the major candidates to consider.
  • It is claimed that this boat runs on biodiesel made form the crew's fat and that it is carbon-neutral. But how is that calculated?
  • Reuters reports trouble at the North Pole.
231 - 240 of 251 resultsPage: 122 23 24 25 26
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