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  • Everything Obama did right... Ron Paul did better.
  • What does it say about Republican politicians in general that conservative footsoldiers are so relieved to find a highly-visible Republican family actually practicing what they preach?
  • When the first question of a financial decision for consumers is, "What's the tax write-off?" something is badly wrong.
  • Next time you hear some twenty-something screaming about "getting out the vote", listen carefully to see if they also list specific issues they are concerned with.
  • Why encourage them to vote even though we know most of them will make the wrong decision?
  • Will the GOP focus on growing itself by continuing to move to the left or will it redefine itself by the views of its base? Will it embrace centrists or be content with losing the next few elections?
  • Mitt Romney will win the GOP nomination.
  • Imagine the collision between patients wanting to do select treatments and Hillary's bureaucrats who don't trust us to choose our own cough syrup!
  • We hear a lot about the problem of police brutality. We forget the price we pay when the police aren't brutal enough.
  • When Fred threw his hat in the ring on Friday night, Mitt Romney joked that Fred was being too hasty and should wait a few more months to decide. Notwithstanding the rancor, Romney's advice was actually correct.
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