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  • The question of how to weigh affirmative action versus equal opportunity may become a real issue during the Presidential campaign.
  • There are two ways to interpret the law: a) favor individual rights over societal rights or b) favor society's rights over the rights of the individual. Individuals won two!
  • Blame the victim? Blame whitey? Or roll up your sleeves and get to work?
  • They told us how they cooked the books. What have they been doing the rest of the time?
  • Your words are wonderful, Mr. Obama; where are the works?
  • What's sad is that Mr. Obama has ignored opportunities given him by the Senate leadership who put him in a position from which he could make changes.
  • If he can't be the president, being one heartbeat away might be nearly as good. How does Obama-Kennedy for President sound?
  • Rich people are voting with their feet: they're grabbing their wallets and running away.
  • Some idealists suggest that election campaigns be paid for by the Treasury -- taxpayers would pay for campaigns intended to elect people we don't like. In fact, we DO have public campaign funding but nobody wants to admit it.
  • A president is supposed to be emotionally stable, not a weeping willow.
41 - 50 of 51 resultsPage: 13 4 5 6
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