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  • Our freedom of speech is under leftist attack as never before.
  • What is Mr. Obama hiding? And why? What's so hard about producing your original birth certificate and shutting up the naysayers?
  • Mr. Obama, do you want to achieve Ronald Reagan stature? Then read this letter!
  • If the Republican party doesn't stand for anything different than the Democrats, what good is it?
  • No child has any choice in the matter. But an adult does.
  • Any deviation from the official party line is a threat to absolute power, and deviation must be squelched by fair means or foul.
  • Barack Obama goes where George McGovern fears to tread.
  • This "bailout plan" isn't a plan at all; it's a political fire drill at your expense.
  • Sarah Palin is not ready to be President. Fortunately, she doesn't have to be.
  • ...is not Barack Obama.
161 - 170 of 186 resultsPage: 115 16 17 18 19
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