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  • Mr. Obama has exposed the existing black leadership as a bunch of liars. But...
  • Does John McCain want to beat Barack Obama? Then start fighting him!
  • We've all wished someone dead at one time or another.
  • It's shockingly simple...
  • So near and yet so far!
  • No man who is willing to subject himself to additional years of torture out of duty and loyalty to his comrades-in-arms can ever be truly called a scoundrel.
  • Like the Terminator, if there's just one finger still working, she'll drag herself forward by that one finger.
  • Hillary believes herself to be a better candidate for the Democrats, and a better President for the country, than Barack Obama.
  • Sen Obama is a member of a racist organization which states publicly that the members remain true to another land.
  • Does Mr. Obama really believe that abortionists are going to be eager to admit their mistakes and keep babies alive?
251 - 260 of 282 resultsPage: 124 25 26 27 28 29
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