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  • Is Michelle Obama claiming Reagan's mantle of optimism and patriotic pride for her husband?
  • Barack seems like a nice guy, and we wish him the very best.
  • It's easy to see why Ted Kennedy would try to wrap Mr. Obama in the tattered mantle of his older brother, but is that a robe Mr. Obama should wear?
  • In many ways, Martin Luther King was a good man - certainly a highly intelligent man. Well read, well spoken, influential well beyond his life. But equal to all the Presidents of the nation?
  • Who needs a "first black president" who is actually white when you can have a "first black president" who really is black?
  • Bush-bashers hate to admit it, but a smaller percentage of active-duty military personnel died during both Bush administrations than during the Reagan and Carter administrations.
  • The left-wing blogsphere claim that Hillary's people stole the election from Obama. The evidence, if true, is staggering.
  • The conservatives have rightly complained about the fiasco that was the CNN/YouTube debate, to say nothing of Chris Matthews' execrable moderating. Now the shoe is on the other foot, and it doesn't fit any better on that side.
  • Of course Mr. Musharraf doesn't want to share power. Who does? Does The Times want to share power and influence with the LA Times or with the Washington Post? Of course not.
  • The Trust doesn't answer to anybody anymore. They don't even have to be right.
261 - 270 of 279 resultsPage: 125 26 27 28
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