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  • There are many places around the world where we should "Do Something!"
  • It's interesting that Bill Clinton is not called the first African-American president.
  • There is one way in which we can help the Cuban people, and that is by immediately and unilaterally ending the embargo that has been in place for all these years.
  • Americans complain about the lack of true leaders and of today's poll-driven politicians. But if American is a democracy, isn't that exactly how it is supposed to work?
  • George W Bush, lambasted as the destroyer of peace in the Middle East, may preside over the most welcome development there since the Second World War.
  • By taking this preposterous action, the CIA has provided a signal service.
  • Unlimited money, unlimited visibility, unlimited clout - what could possibly go wrong?
  • Somehow, we have reached the point where we view democracy and elections as ends in themselves. But they aren't.
  • Virtually everyone who is anyone in American politics and media has roundly condemned any thought that Iran's President Ahmadinejad should be allowed to desecrate Ground Zero with his noisome presence. They are making a mistake.
101 - 110 of 109 resultsPage: 19 10 11
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