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  • Judges which rule based on feelings rather than the law, cause unintended consequences quite the opposite of what they wanted.
  • If Microsoft ends up actually paying the fines which have been assessed by the EU Anti-Competition bureaucracy, it will make a bigger contribution to the EU budget than many member countries.
  • Mr. Obama's goal of eliminating extreme global poverty and halving global poverty would cost nearly half our entire federal budget.
  • It's vital to recruit the best students from every nation to come to the US and found businesses.
  • When government employees stopped setting the beat, the Japanese lost the rhythm and their economy fell apart.
  • GM found that when you ask for government help, you'd better be careful - you might get what you wish for, and our guys have a track record of losing negotiations.
  • Leaders know that there's nothing as disruptive as information.
  • What does Mr. Gates plan to do with all the extra people that won't die from malaria now that his foundation has found a cure?
  • The Romans understood nation building, an art we and the British have forgotten.
111 - 120 of 119 resultsPage: 110 11 12
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