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  • A federal judge is considering ordering immediate naturalization of would-be citizens, with no background investigations or document checks.
  • It's simply common sense that the nicer a life you have if you don't work, the more people will choose not to work and the pickier they will be about what job they might be willing to accept.
  • A capitalist will sell you the rope to hang himself.
  • Illegal immigrants HAVE NO CIVIL RIGHTS. In fact, legal immigrants have no civil rights. Just ask the dictionary...
  • Anyone who thinks there is anything Americans cannot or will not do has lost faith in the American people, and is unfit to lead them.
  • Once again, lawbreakers get a nice fat Christmas present, while the longsuffering voters get "nothing but hooks and some wire."
  • By thumbing their nose in the fact of the overwhelming majority of Americans, the Democrats are running a very serious risk.
  • Is American citizenship of such little concern that we don't mind it being awarded as the result of a crime?
31 - 40 of 38 resultsPage: 1 2 3 4
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