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  • Our bureaucrats are not morons; quite the contrary.
  • It is a wonderful thing when truly stupid ideas return to bite the people that promoted them.
  • Anyone who sends their children to a religious school may be permitted an 80% tax deduction of the tuition.
  • What are we to make of the news that career State Department staffers are refusing to go to Iraq?
  • Why such a difference between the handling of the California fires, vs Katrina in New Orleans?
  • Somewhere in the Great Beyond, Hermann Goering is laughing.
  • In recent years, the dream of home ownership has gotten farther and farther out of reach, as house prices have escalated. According to a recent study, the primary cause is excessive zoning laws - that is, government over-regulation.
  • Bureaucracies never die, and India's still uses genuine red tape.
  • Brazil serves as an object lesson in how government incompetence - not greed, not really bribery even, certainly not totalitarianism, just simple incompetence - can make life difficult on an otherwise free and vibrant economy.
41 - 50 of 49 resultsPage: 1 2 3 4 5
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