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  • The way our government is forcing us to treat our elderly is evil.
  • Don't be a victim, or a serf!
  • American citizenship seems to be dead. Live long as a serf... if you can stomach it.
  • Don't forget to value the truly valuable things in life.
  • Good fences make good neighbors - and that's better than the hatred and fighting we're seeing.
  • Who can answer the most important question of all: now what?
  • Take careful stock of where we are, and where we're heading.
  • Is there any limit to the falsehoods and bad faith we'll tolerate?
  • Modern "science" has become a religion, with the same response to heretics.
  • If you don't know where you came from, you can't know where you are.
1 - 10 of 625 resultsPage: 1 2 363
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