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  • A computer can only do what it's told, or programmed, to do - it can't force people to do anything, unless they allow it to do so.
  • It is time just to face up to what we know to be the case: Anything goes.
  • No nation in the entire history of earth has ever been so blessed as we.
  • Scientific evidence is only as reasonable as it is accurate.
  • Antiwar movies are all losing money by the truckload.
  • How can you take action in a rational way if you won't even take the time to understand the issue you're incensed about?
  • This year's episode of Civility Strikes Back relates to the baggy-pants half-moon.
  • Why are we allowing an Islamic public school, teaching intifada, in New York City? Don't we already have enough terrorists?
  • Mr. Cho's victims' families shouldn't be suing Virginia Tech; all it would accomplish is to enrich greedly lawyers while doing nothing useful.
  • The trouble is, the system was designed to keep a record of who was where, when.
131 - 140 of 141 resultsPage: 112 13 14 15
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