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  • Global warming shrinks sheep! Can we make it shrink people too?
  • That's right - wearing clothes is bad for the planet.
  • Environmental nuts are out to rid the world of polluting lawnmowers by force of law - but there's a better way.
  • There's a bill in Congress to bury all forms of economic activity under an avalanche of environmental lawsuits which need not show any harm in order to collect damages.
  • Cow farts cause global warming. We can stop that - by sacrificing fish.
  • The war on greenhouse gases finds its way to barnyards.
  • Even when examined on their own merits, the arguments of environmental extremists don't add up.
  • Voters across the world are beginning to realize and oppose the cost of "climate change" regulations.
  • To keep the climate stable, earth has developed various adjustment mechanisms.
  • When in American history has a step backwards been viewed as progress?
21 - 30 of 51 resultsPage: 1 2 3 4 5 6
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