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Gay Blade Obama Stabs Himself

Obama's stance on same-sex marriage will hurt him far worse than he thinks.

By Petrarch  |  May 18, 2012

So Barack Obama has finally come out and said what everybody has known for a long time: he supports same-sex marriage.

Well, sort of:

For me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married... I continue to believe that this is an issue that is gonna be worked out at the local level, because historically, this has not been a federal issue, what's recognized as a marriage.

In other words, President Obama is saying that he personally believes it doesn't matter who or what you marry, but really, it's not a federal matter, the states should choose.  He didn't dare point out the fact that in every single state where the question has been put before the people, the voters decreed that marriage has been just fine the way it is for the past six thousand years and is no particular need of an overhaul.  The handful of states permitting the unprecedented practice of same-sex marriage do so because judges declared it into being by fiat or, occasionally, an elected legislature passed a law, which is at least democratically legitimate.

So if Obama personally thinks homosexual unions are fine, but doesn't think it's a job for the Feds - a position which happens to be identical to that of Dick Cheney of all people - and the vast majority of the states wants no part of them, what difference does it make?

Quite a lot, actually.  Just as everybody believed Obama was for same-sex marriage all along even though he said otherwise, everybody also believes his paen to federalism is as phony as, well, a same-sex "marriage."

Very - but only for a few more months.

Permission Granted

This matters.  Not only do a large majority of Americans have extreme distaste for meddling with marriage, the most fervent opponents of this startling new innovation are precisely Obama's most loyal supporters - namely, blacks.

The very same day in 2008 that saw Barack Obama elevated to the highest office in the land also saw more than 70% of California blacks voting in favor of Proposition 8 which attempted to ban same-sex marriage.  53% of Latinos did the same thing.  Of course, the overwhelming majority of these voters also pulled the lever for Mr. Obama himself.  He'd publicly and loudly proclaimed his support for traditional marriage.  Given his fib, supporting both traditional marriage and Mr. Obama wasn't a contradiction at the time.

This November, it will be - and while blacks voted for Obama with Soviet-style majorities, they also are well-known for devout church attendance, many of whose pastors have already registered outrage as vehement as Catholic outrage at being forced to pay for abortions.

Does this mean they'll support Mormon Mitt Romney instead?  Probably not.  Does this even mean that they won't support Mr. Obama and instead will stay neutral?  No, not necessarily.

But it may not matter.  Because what Mr. Obama's sudden public position has done is given voters, and particularly black voters, a legitimate non-racist reason not to vote for him.

I'm Not Racist, I'm Homonauseated!

Ever since the name Barack Obama rose to public prominence, his advent has been surrounded by pandemonious calls that any opposition must, by definition, be racist.  From Jimmy Carter on down, the entire liberal commentariat has been hammering home the notion that there's no reason whatsoever not to fall on your face in gratitude and adoration before The One, The Bringer of Hope and Change despite the self-evident fact that he's brought nothing but destroyed hopes and changes for the worse.

Nobody likes being called a racist, but everyone can understand the idea of not liking same-sex marriage.  The liberal media ridicules that view too, but accusations of homophobia do not have anything like the life-destroying power that being accused of racism has.

How many unhappy, unemployed, hopeless Democrats and moderates are there, far from eager to support Mr. Obama but unwilling to be tarred with the "racist" brush?  With one grand stroke, Mr. Obama has gifted them with a legitimate, understandable excuse to do what they've wished they could do for some months or years: not vote for him next time 'round.

Yes, donning the purple triangle will win him many millions in contributions from effete Hollywood elites.  Combined with the rest of his horrendous record as president, it will lose him far more votes, and that's what counts.

Our first gay president he may be, as Newsweek put it, but neither he nor they will be very gay this November 7.