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  • The only thing that gets a Congresscritter's attention is losing an election.
  • Public education has gotten rid of the consequences of failure for both teachers and students, so of course very little education takes place.
  • When Commodore Matthew Perry opened Japan to the west, he took American and British missionaries along. In addition to translating, they also helped with education.
  • This video just gave us the best news we've heard out of the Middle East in a long, long time -- Iraqis are beginning to laugh at their leaders.
  • Crackpots are thick on the ground and we can't fund them all. How do we decide which upcoming genius/crackpot to fund? Einstein didn't have any peers; he would never have passed "peer review."
  • If he can't be the president, being one heartbeat away might be nearly as good. How does Obama-Kennedy for President sound?
  • GM found that when you ask for government help, you'd better be careful - you might get what you wish for, and our guys have a track record of losing negotiations.
  • George W Bush, lambasted as the destroyer of peace in the Middle East, may preside over the most welcome development there since the Second World War.
  • It's possible that nobody will ever be able to build anything of significance again.
  • Anyone who thinks there is anything Americans cannot or will not do has lost faith in the American people, and is unfit to lead them.
1,711 - 1,720 of 1,845 resultsPage: 1170 171 172 173 174185
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