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  • The Vice President will be leaving a slimy, black legacy.
  • We don't disparage the motives of politicians, they have the same motives we do. We don't distrust the motives of bureaucrats, we trust them all too well.
  • We gripe about bias in the mainstream media because freedom of the press is only meaningful if you happen to own a press, but enough people have presses to keep politicians on their toes.
  • Why can't we Americans buy cheap cars? The cheapest car in the US costs about $20,000, about 8 times the cost of Tata's offering.
  • Bush-bashers hate to admit it, but a smaller percentage of active-duty military personnel died during both Bush administrations than during the Reagan and Carter administrations.
  • Scientists want research grants, more published papers, and to be listened to by the general public. Bureaucrats want a bigger department and more clout. Politicians want a crisis - any crisis - so they can ride to power with a "solution".
  • Principals have be to able to fire teachers, or you can't run an effective school.
  • Some idealists suggest that election campaigns be paid for by the Treasury -- taxpayers would pay for campaigns intended to elect people we don't like. In fact, we DO have public campaign funding but nobody wants to admit it.
  • Sure, global warming seems unlikely; but if it's true, it's so awful, shouldn't we take action just in case?
  • The left-wing blogsphere claim that Hillary's people stole the election from Obama. The evidence, if true, is staggering.
1,711 - 1,720 of 1,831 resultsPage: 1170 171 172 173 174184
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