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  • How come all the environmentalists keep proposing things people don't want to do? Real solutions nedn't require deprivation.
  • The Archbishop of Canterbury, the head of the Church of England, stirred up a storm when he spoke of the Nativity as a "myth." The Pope didn't have that problem. Perhaps the Pope has a stronger brand identity than does the Church of England?
  • It is claimed that this boat runs on biodiesel made form the crew's fat and that it is carbon-neutral. But how is that calculated?
  • With fifty states in the union, we have fifty different laboratories in which to test different approaches to a problem.
  • Somebody in Europe has realized what's crystal clear to anyone with a brain: reducing carbon emissions destroys your economy.
  • Once again, lawbreakers get a nice fat Christmas present, while the longsuffering voters get "nothing but hooks and some wire."
  • Don't regulate campaign finance; just require disclosure.
  • Reuters reports trouble at the North Pole.
  • It is time just to face up to what we know to be the case: Anything goes.
  • Can we have a little dignity please?
1,361 - 1,370 of 1,470 resultsPage: 1135 136 137 138 139147
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