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  • It's vital to recruit the best students from every nation to come to the US and found businesses.
  • Freedom, by definition, includes the freedom to choose to be an idiot.
  • I thank God that I've got enough sense to own a gun and that I was able to use it to prevent a possibly serious crime against my family.
  • So that's why we can't find him!
  • No longer do we seem to be a country of united states, but rather a country of individuals living in different states with less sovereignty each time a new bill is passed.
  • If a politician is listening to a "special interest group," and is doing what they request, does that mean that he's their "captive"? Or, rather, does it mean that he is performing his Constitutional duty of listening to the grievances of a group of hi...
  • Unless we tell our politicians to ignore Al Gore's scam, we'll all freeze in the dark.
  • Republicans, and more particularly conservatives, must rely on more than a hatred of Hillary Clinton to advance their cause.
  • The need for a Constitutional amendment shows that the Founding Fathers never intended an income tax.
  • Next time you hear some twenty-something screaming about "getting out the vote", listen carefully to see if they also list specific issues they are concerned with.
1,361 - 1,370 of 1,534 resultsPage: 1135 136 137 138 139154
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