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  • Burning plants for fuel doesn't work forever.
  • It almost doesn't matter what the topic is, the argument may already be lost. We've already established there is little national virtue left. We're now just talking about the price.
  • Will the GOP focus on growing itself by continuing to move to the left or will it redefine itself by the views of its base? Will it embrace centrists or be content with losing the next few elections?
  • Americans complain about the lack of true leaders and of today's poll-driven politicians. But if American is a democracy, isn't that exactly how it is supposed to work?
  • If we're losing jobs and the Chinese are losing jobs, where are they going?
  • It's easy to see why Ted Kennedy would try to wrap Mr. Obama in the tattered mantle of his older brother, but is that a robe Mr. Obama should wear?
  • Hillary is right in pointing out that most parents could use some help, but it doesn't take a village. It especially doesn't take a village of government-funded social workers, most of whom are either not yet married or divorced.
  • The only thing that gets a Congresscritter's attention is losing an election.
  • Public education has gotten rid of the consequences of failure for both teachers and students, so of course very little education takes place.
  • When Commodore Matthew Perry opened Japan to the west, he took American and British missionaries along. In addition to translating, they also helped with education.
1,361 - 1,370 of 1,515 resultsPage: 1135 136 137 138 139152
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