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  • Next time you hear some twenty-something screaming about "getting out the vote", listen carefully to see if they also list specific issues they are concerned with.
  • Almost a full century ago, a few cancer cells were introduced into our body politic.
  • What happens when the law forbids a company from firing an employee without a formal meeting, but a court has forbidden the employee from meeting with the company?
  • Anyone who sends their children to a religious school may be permitted an 80% tax deduction of the tuition.
  • When government employees stopped setting the beat, the Japanese lost the rhythm and their economy fell apart.
  • The Archbishop of Canterbury believes not only that his religion is dying, but his country's legal and political structure are doomed as well.
  • Thanks to the superdelegates, Barack Obama could win the popular electoral vote fair and square, and still lose at the convention.
  • Why encourage them to vote even though we know most of them will make the wrong decision?
  • Yesterday would have been Reagan's 97th birthday; and so we ask, does anyone wear Reagan's mantle today?
  • Air bag rules saved fewer than one tenth the lives they claimed they would save and killed people to boot.
1,361 - 1,370 of 1,525 resultsPage: 1135 136 137 138 139153
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