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  • What lost my vote was that the Republican party left me and left many conservatives out.
  • If the Republican party doesn't stand for anything different than the Democrats, what good is it?
  • The Democrats are proposing that we repeat the four major mistakes that let to the Great Depression of the 1930's. Must we go there?
  • No child has any choice in the matter. But an adult does.
  • All-powerful Democrats now want to change the structure of the system to ensure their changes stay in place and that they themselves stay in power indefinitely.
  • When it comes right down to it, a majority of Americans don't want what's about to happen.
  • Any deviation from the official party line is a threat to absolute power, and deviation must be squelched by fair means or foul.
  • Even before the banks were nationalized, our best innovators were finding more friendly places in which to innovate.
  • Barack Obama has demonstrated the whole idea of fundraising restrictions to be nonsense.
  • Mr. Obama seems to feel that a middle class lifestyle is a divine right.
1,361 - 1,370 of 1,756 resultsPage: 1135 136 137 138 139176
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